Welcome to the complete line of ONIL products for poverty reduction. What was originally started as a stove project in Guatemala in 2000 has expanded to be a line of products to address poverty reduction.  These products focus on home health, efficiency, safety, cleanliness, and reduction of living expenses.

Central to the program is still the ONIL plancha stove with over 110,000 distributed throughout Guatemala, Mexico, and Nicaragua. The Plancha stove replaces the more dangerous “three stone cooking fires” commonly used in rural, third world countries for everyday preparation of meals.  However, our other cooking stoves have also proven to be extremely efficient, fast and eliminate many of the hazards associated with open flame cooking. 

The ONIL water filter and solar light complement the stove line to provide health, safety and efficiency in the home. Please follow the  many menu items above to learn more about how YOU can “Change a Life” and assist needy families by helping to distribute the ONIL stoves, water filters, solar lights and other ONIL products for poverty reduction. 

The ONIL plancha stove
The ONIL Nixtamal cooker